The Beauty of Creation

In our search for wellness and health, we have many options. For me specifically, I have used herbs in teas and capsules, juices, smoothies, shakes, diets, protein and even synthetic, chemical-laden muscle building formulas (don’t even ask how much that cost). Some produced short-term results, some produced not even one single noticeable difference, and some damaged my pocketbook (and probably internal organs).

I’ve also used essential oils. Before Young Living essential oils entered my life and home, I used store-bought oils externally. The one thing I always noticed was that their smell enhanced the experience in which I was using them. Many of the aromas just make me feel happy. They’re uplifting and, in some ways, magical in their ability to either create a memory of when or where I used them or to bring a memory back from years and years ago.

A few weeks ago I mixed cedarwood and peppermint oils together to place on the back of my neck and over my heart. As I took in the wonderful smell of this combination, I was instantly transported to my uncle’s beach house in San Diego — a place I haven’t visited since I was six or seven. I could clearly see and smell his wonderful home and the bedroom where my brother and I slept. The wooden floors and the dustiness of the rooms and the beautiful backyard full of tomato plants and jasmine. And the sunny, salty air with promises of beach sand and foamy waves and days spent with my parents. Such wonderful days of exploration and adventure at this place, and I could experience it all over again — all in a couple drops of cedarwood and peppermint. I had to call my mom to share it with her.

Plants are amazing. The essential oils in plants are mind-blowing in the way they were created and are used to nourish, protect, and grow the plant. Essential oils are the life-blood of a plant. They regulate plant function and metabolism, provide nourishment, and protect it from harmful organisms and pests that would attempt to kill it. Essential oils found in plants also shield it from sunlight and flow forth when a plant is bruised, cut, or damaged to protect and heal it.

The oils also attract life-giving organisms to ensure pollination and reproduction. They do this through their fragrance and their ability to nourish that which comes to feed from them.

The more I read and research essential oils, the more awestruck I am by God and His creation. God says in the first chapter of Genesis, “I have given you every plant yielding seed; it shall be food for you; and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to every thing that moves on the earth which has life, I have give every green plant for food.”

And as scripture points out after God speaks: “And it was so.”

I pondered this today as I thought of all of the far-off, untrodden, untamed places I have been to in my life. Places I’ve skied and backpacked and whitewater rafted. Places I’ve hiked and camped and vacationed. I’m certain that 99% of this earth is covered by living things growing from the soil that has not been touched by man. Yet, they found their way.

The perfect seed found the perfect place with the perfect soil and the perfect nutrients and the perfect amount of sun and water that it would need to grow. No one planted it. No one carried it to the right spot. No one dug a hole and put the seed in. Yet there it is. Growing and carrying on exactly the way it was created to carry on.

It’s almost as if the seed found its way because of the One who has been since the beginning. “All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being” (John 1: 3-4).

The creation reflects the Creator. I am in awe of this world He has created and the fact that it always (praise God) points me to Him: The most Holy and Sovereign artist of our life and our world.

Plants and their essential oils are amazing because their Creator is Awesome.

For essential oils in my home and in my body, I choose Young Living because of their highest standards of purity and their diligence in protecting our planet. They are the only oils that I will use on my family and the only ones we would take internally. Young Living essential oils and products continue to support our wellness and the health and cleanliness of our home.

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