Coronavirus: Immune Support

I can’t make heads or tails over this whole coronavirus affair. The world is quarantined, stores still don’t have any toilet paper, and people are arguing over whether our leaders have done too much or not enough. Frankly, we will never know the answer to that and our personal feelings over it will be based almost entirely on emotions, not fact.

Going to an ultrasound appointment for my thyroid.

Here’s a fact: Regardless of how you feel about anything above, this is not a time to get sick🙅🏼‍♂️. We all should stay clear of doctor’s offices, urgent cares, and hospitals, unless absolutely necessary.

We must all be thinking about this because natural medicine has suddenly become very popular. Everyone is looking to ways to support their immune systems and boost their body’s response to foreign enemies.

Having fought an autoimmune condition for over three years, I am extremely grateful for the work I did — in partnership with my doctor — to reverse it and send it into remission.

70 percent of our immune system is found in our gut. I know. It’s shocking, but it’s true. If our gut isn’t healthy. If we can’t properly digest nutrients. If our digestive system is leaking into our bodies, we are going to be in a bad way. I was in a bad way.

My fingers without oxygen and blood flow after a trip to Trader Joe’s.

For me, my body would react to any drop in ambient temperature by constricting the blood vessels that feed into my hands and feet. I had to stop sailing. I couldn’t go out in the cold. And it was so bad that any trip to Trader Joe’s would end near frostbite. Some would call it Reynaud’s Disease, but I never got an official name for the problem, mostly because I didn’t ask. My only focus was healing whatever it was.

Since last July, however, I’ve only had two episodes. The last one was minor and involved an ice cream cone, cold wind, and the setting sun.

To heal, I prioritized physical, spiritual, and emotional needs so that I could feed my body healing foods, feed my soul healing thoughts, and heal harmful emotions.

For my gut and my immune system: It’s been all about probiotics and enzymes. If anyone asks me what is the first thing I recommend for supporting the immune system, I say, “probiotics and enzymes.” If someone is wondering what’s the first thing they should do to start healing their bodies and building their immune system, I say:

• 🤓 Get your hands on some quality probiotics
• 🤓 Get your hands on some quality digestive enzymes
• 😎 Then use them religiously, everyday, and all the time. Don’t run out. Be patient and be consistent.

😍You can heal! 😍

Natural medicine has been an incredible blessing to me and my family and I’m here to help you. Right now, while we’re all quarantined, I can help you begin to support yourself and your family. Right now is a the perfect place to start. Just think how far along you’ll be — how healthy you’ll be — by the time the next cold and flu season comes along.

So who’s ready? Who has questions? How can I help? The power of natural healing is within your grasp and it’s amazing!

A trip to the beach ends with problems in my hands and feet (before natural medicine)

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