Better, Safer Sunscreen

Do you have a safe, natural, effective, and amazingly simple to use sunscreen?

Julie and I gave up on the toxic sunscreens years ago. Active ingredient toxicity is what we worry about with most brands of sunscreen. There are nine FDA-approved sunscreen chemicals that create huge issues and hazards for us and our children. ❌(Do you see why I’m cynical of government regulation and overreach)?❌

Here is what you should be asking before you apply sunscreen to your family or your person:

☀️Will the chemical penetrate skin and reach living tissues?
☀️Will it disrupt the hormone system?
☀️Can it affect the reproductive and thyroid systems and, in the case of fetal or childhood exposure, permanently alter reproductive development or behavior?
☀️Can it cause a skin allergy?
☀️What if it is inhaled?
☀️Are there other toxicity concerns?

Here is a recipe that has worked for us:

10 drops myrrh essential oil
10 drops carrot seed essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil
2 tsp. non-nano zinc oxide powder
1 tablespoon Tamanu oil
Fractionated coconut oil

Mix all ingredients together in 4 oz. glass spray bottle. Shake to mix every time before spraying and applying to skin.

Let dry before entering the water. Reapply as often as needed (every 60-90 minutes).

Zinc provides broad-sprectrum protection where the other ingredients provide UVB protection. Here is an idea of SPF just from the zinc oxide alone:

5% solution zinc = low 2-5 spf
10% = medium 6-7 spf
17% = high 12-19 spf
20% = very high 20+ spf

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