The Amazing Benefits of CBD

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Everywhere you turn people are talking about CBD oil. More and more research is coming everyday about how CBD works in our body and what the benefits of this very misunderstood natural remedy are for each of us. Doctors, who cannot prescribe it, are inviting their patients to look into CBD and suggesting that they add it to their daily wellness protocol.

So what’s all the fuss? As many of my readers may know, I’m into natural medicine. It’s my love language. Over the last few months I jumped into research and inquiry about CBD on my own. What I have found has been amazing — even life-changing to individuals who are suffering from chronic or auto-immune issues. 

It turns out that we have an entire system in our body that reacts to cannabinoids — we actually make cannabinoids in our bodies. Scientists didn’t know this until the early 90’s. Prior to that, they knew that our body reacted to cannabinoids, but they didn’t know how or why. It’s intriguing and it’s insanely exciting.

By far, my favorite book on the subject was written by Dr. Olivier Wenker. Titled, “The Power of CBD and Essential Oils,” I picked up a copy in the middle of June and I haven’t put it down. You can find your own copy at Life Science Publishing.

To share what I’ve learned, I created an event in Facebook called CBD Social Club.

I order my CBD through Nature’s Ultraand now you can too! It’s an incredible product, as you will certainly find out. To purchase a CBD Premium Starter Kit, click here.

As I conclude, I want to share how important it is to know your source for CBD (and essential oils). Seed to Seal is where it’s at…it’s a promise you want over every seed, over the dirt, over the harvesting, over the distillation. No chemicals, no pesticides, no synthetics. You want a pure and organic CBD that can do the powerful work of creating homeostasis in the body.

To learn more, check out my intro to CBD right here.

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