Better, Safer Sunscreen

Do you have a safe, natural, effective, and amazingly simple to use sunscreen? Julie and I gave up on the toxic sunscreens years ago. Active ingredient toxicity is what we worry about with most brands of sunscreen. There are nine FDA-approved sunscreen chemicals that create huge issues and hazards for us and our children. ❌(Do you see why I’m cynical of government regulation and overreach)?❌ Here … Continue reading Better, Safer Sunscreen

April Showers Bring May Flowers…and all the crud

Y’all, Spring makes me feel exactly like this picture. I love love love all the flowers blooming, the trees blossoming, and all the new growth covering the earth. But all that new growth also makes me feel like Shelley Duvall looks during this scene from The Shining. I used to take a daily pharmaceutical to help — but that was like six years ago! I … Continue reading April Showers Bring May Flowers…and all the crud

Coronavirus: Immune Support

I can’t make heads or tails over this whole coronavirus affair. The world is quarantined, stores still don’t have any toilet paper, and people are arguing over whether our leaders have done too much or not enough. Frankly, we will never know the answer to that and our personal feelings over it will be based almost entirely on emotions, not fact. Here’s a fact: Regardless … Continue reading Coronavirus: Immune Support

CBD: It’s all the Rage

Everywhere you turn people are talking about CBD oil. More and more research is coming everyday about how CBD works in our body and what the benefits of this very misunderstood natural remedy are for each of us. Doctors, who cannot prescribe it, are inviting their patients to look into CBD and suggesting that they add it to their daily wellness protocol. So what’s all … Continue reading CBD: It’s all the Rage

The Freedom to be Vegan

In December, I worried about getting the runs from e-coli-soiled spinach. Other than that, I am surviving my jaunt into a vegan lifestyle. Today, on the Fourth of July, I will join meat eaters from across America in celebrating our freedom by charring our food over an open flame until it’s singed with carcinogens and tastes of charcoal. While activated charcoal is a natural detoxifier, … Continue reading The Freedom to be Vegan

Into the Wild

It’s hard to hear that “still small voice” when you’re down on the ground at sea-level or wherever you may be where the world is full of the distracting noise of vehicles, people, sirens, television, cell phones and the neck-wracking-eye-wracking obsessive compulsive disorder of constantly checking social media. Let’s not forget about the lure of 24/7 work that is praised and worshiped in our culture. … Continue reading Into the Wild